This portal is intended to be an easy-to-access online resource, designed to provide journalists, civil society organisations, and interested citizens with the most important, up-to-date information on international debt levels and risks.

The main map presents our own analysis of debt risks, as well as that of the IMF, alongside four key debt statistics: government external debt payments as a percentage of government revenue, whether a country is a net creditor or debtor, private external debt as a percentage of GDP, and the current account balance. We believe these statistics are the best guide to the debt situation of a country as they show the true burden of debt on government finances, show a country’s financial relationship with the rest of the world, and reveal the extent to which debt owed by the private sector is contributing to a country’s risk of debt crisis.

We use a Galls-Peters projection map of the world. This shows countries at their real size relative to each other. A traditional 2D map of the globe increases the size of countries near the North and South poles and shrinks countries near the equator. The political impact of this is to make North American and European countries larger than they actually are, and many Latin America, African and Asian countries smaller. You can read more about the Peter’s projection here.

If you click on an individual country you can see all the relevant data available for that country through time. There is also other data available for some countries, such as changes in public spending, and information on who government debt is owed to.

The Our risk analysis page explains in more detail how we have analysed debt risks for countries.

The Sources page gives detailed information on the sources used for each statistic.

You can download a spreadsheet with all the data on this website here.

You can find out more about our work as an organisation on our main website: jubileedebt.org.uk

Debt Justice are a UK charity working to end poverty caused by unjust debt through education, research, organising and campaigning. We research global debt issues, educate people about their causes and solutions, and campaign in solidarity with indebted people and countries. We work in partnership with allies in the UK and around the world to strengthen the rules that govern global finance.

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